About my Courses

  • The workshops include a professional work kit that you can attend with 15 people approx.
  • A digital dermograph are included the Ombre or Powder Eyebrows Micropigmentation workshop.
  • You will have 2 day for attending models. Practice etc.
  • A single day of readings and practices for eyebrow design, microblading strokes and working with a digital dermograph in latex.
  • My workshops have orientation by Whatsapp for 3 months
  • I’ll give you a certificate, license, study guide and practices.
  • You have to reserve the workshop a week before with 50% deposit that will be credited to your account. And you will pay the rest the first day of the course. We don’t return deposit for any case.

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Brows by Clari

Brows by Clari

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About Me

With the use of semi-permanent microblading techniques, complementing Permanent Makeup on your face, I adapt my work to its individual characteristics to provide you with natural looking results that return confidence and happiness.

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