About Us

Who is Clarimar Marin?

Clarimar is a PhiBrows Microblading Artist trained in the USA by PhiBrow Master Cinthia Holguin and Andy Chavarria. Clarimar has extensive experience with Microblading, having performed hundreds of treatments.

6 years ago I started my full time career in permanent makeup. Since then I have received multiple certifications from some of the best in the world and believe that continuing your education is the ultimate key to success. Education is knowledge; knowledge is strength; strength is power. I believe that as an artist and educator, no matter where you are in your career, you will always be faced with new challenges as techniques, ideas, and standards of beauty are constantly evolving.

From a very young age, Clari always had an affinity for beauty and makeup. She has also been trained by Master Tham of the Florida Beauty Academy in Orlando as a Professional Permanent Makeup Artist. Teacher Paola Soto of the Sviatolasv Otchenash Academy as a Makeup Artist of the Softliner techniques, Watercolor Lips and Powder Brows, will definitely satisfy clients of all origins.

I have traveled to Brazil to the City of Sao Paulo, the country where Micropigmentation was born and I have trained and specialized in the techniques of Shadow Eyebrows, Lips and the latest trend of realistic makeup NANOBROWS, hyper-realistic eyebrows, simulating hair with a tattoo machine, I did these last trainings with the Masters Danny de Sousa, Evelyn Fernandez and the renowned Artist Felipe Oliveira

“Being able to create and enhance beauty in the form of art is such a dream job!”


Get that look you really desire, performed by a trained professional.