Eyebrows Microblading Explained

If you’ve never heard Microblading before, don’t worry!

Eyebrows Microblading explained just to make it simple to you it’s a kind of semi-permanent makeup that simulates eyebrow hair, to achieve a thick and marked appearance.

And NO it is not an eyebrow tattoo, We use a small brush that, instead of bristles, has fine needles which wet with 100% natural vegan friendly pigments make small tears in the skin in the same way that the hairs grow to fill gaps and missing areas in your eyebrows.

It’s a painless procedure with local anesthesia that last about an hour.

Maybe sounds like a challenging process, but you don’t have to worry if you’re in hands of professionals at Brows by Clari in Orlando, Clarimar will make you feel comfortable during all the process and also you will be 100% satisfied with the attractive results.

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One of the most asked question about Microblading is if you need to be retouched and if necessary in the future?

Yes retouch is necessary especially if you want to maintain the same shade of pigment so that eyebrows continue to look just as dense. If you are wondering how often to do the touch-up usually the recommended is every 6 months. But if you have an appointment or you have to travel, don’t worry the only thing is that your eyebrows will be a little more clarified but it’s nothing serious.

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What says my clients a year after having undergone Microblading?

They all feel very happy with their eyebrows, they celebrate is that they look natural and, you can corroborate this, if you inspect any of my clients closely and far away and only at a very short and close distance is that you can perceive that there is Microblading.

Among this they all emphasize that it is not necessary to make up the eyebrows or fill them.

My recommendations to achieve a professional and optimal effect is to apply the technique only in areas where there is a shortage of hair, filling the gaps, this way we can ensure a natural look.

Other considerations that everyone should take into account are that you must follow strictly the recovery and healing process of the procedure, you have to remember that the procedure as I described before will make tears in the skin to impregnate it with pigments.

Need more information or help about this?

Remember that I’m always available willing to help everyone. You can book with me a FREE appointment of 30 minutes following this Link  “Free Microblading Consultation“, where i will help you and explain everything you want to know about Eyebrows microblading.

Clarimar Marin

Clarimar Marin

Hi I'm Clarimar a Phibrows and AcademyS artist in Orlando, see the quality of my work in my gallery. I am friendly and professional and my aim is to make you feel at ease during your time with me. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Keep in touch with me following me in my social networks.

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With the use of semi-permanent microblading techniques, complementing Permanent Makeup on your face, I adapt my work to its individual characteristics to provide you with natural looking results that return confidence and happiness.

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