Ombre Powder Brows vs Microblading

Ombre Powder Brows

It’s a special shading technique for achieving a natural looking eyebrow with a powder effect 100% customizable for anyone who are seeking a natural and soft look.  In Ombre Powder Brows we create little dots to mimic powder filled brows without harsh front or outline. This is one of the minimally invasive techniques also last longer and we can go from lighter brows to darker brows.  We will use pigments that will be placed under the dermis, so they cannot be washed or rubbed off so in that sense we can consider this a permanent. It is often referred as semi-permanent because a touch-up will be required at some point.


Is like creating 3d hairs strokes using micro fine needles. This method is great for filling gaps for people who have existing hair to blend with the created strokes.

Micro + Shading

Well this is the combination of Ombre Powder Brows + Microblading the best of two worlds in eyebrows beauty.

Expected Results

Results are almost immediate also the pain is minimal, clients describe pain and discomfort comparable to threading or waxing. The needles used are too small in order to get more precision and avoid discomfort as much as possible. Following the aftercare instructions is a must in order to get the best and long-lasting results.

What type of brows?

We will help you find what type of eyebrows you have in order to make a plan and work on it.

Ombre Brow types, straight upward soft medium and high arch


The Touch up Appointment

Touch ups are usually required with the purpose to correct all the imperfections. For example if your skin din’t take pigment in some spots, there is where the touch up will fix it. Also, you could make a touch up appointment if you want ombre powder brows to last longer.

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Clarimar Marin

Clarimar Marin

Hi I'm Clarimar a Phibrows and AcademyS artist in Orlando, see the quality of my work in my gallery. I am friendly and professional and my aim is to make you feel at ease during your time with me. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Keep in touch with me following me in my social networks.

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With the use of semi-permanent microblading techniques, complementing Permanent Makeup on your face, I adapt my work to its individual characteristics to provide you with natural looking results that return confidence and happiness.

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